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Custom Embroidered Lovie Babies
& Embroidered Buddies
Now Available

EB Bear
Embroidered Bear
Embroidered Buddies
These unique "Buddies" have a removable pillow to allow embroidery and make it easier for washing. They are also perfect for placing child's pajamas to go to grandma's! Customize these  animals with child's name and birth date for a unique baby gift or couples name and wedding date for Anniversary/wedding gift.

Bears are available in tan, vanilla cream, pink, or blue and in 16" or 20" sizes.

14-16" Duck, Bears, Reindeer, Penguin, Lady Bugs, Bunnies, Monkey, Lion, Cow, Hippo, Pig, Dinosaurs, Giraffe, Bulldog, Elephants, Hedgehog, Horse, Donkey, Panda, Koala, Kangaroo, Owl $24.99 to $27.99*; 19" Dino, Cow, or Elephant Layabout in Blue or Pink $29.99*, 20" Bears, Cow, Lamb, Puppy $29.99*.

*Price includes embroidery in one location. Does not include applicable tax or shipping. Actual inventory may vary. Please contact us for stock items


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EmbroideredBuddies/Moose.jpg EmbroideredBuddies/IMG_2343.jpg EmbroideredBuddies/IMG_2294.jpg EmbroideredBuddies/IMG_2291.jpg
EmbroideredBuddies/IMG_2341.jpg EmbroideredBuddies/EB-bears.jpg EmbroideredBuddies/IMG_2310.jpg EmbroideredBuddies/EB_Elephant-Turquoise-90x90.jpg
EmbroideredBuddies/IMG_1968.jpg EmbroideredBuddies/YoGabba.jpg EmbroideredBuddies/EB_Pig-150x150.jpg EmbroideredBuddies/IMG_1173.jpg
EmbroideredBuddies/Bumble-Shumble-Tiger.jpg EmbroideredBuddies/Biggleton-Lady-Bug.jpg EmbroideredBuddies/61094.jpg EmbroideredBuddies/IMG_1941.jpg
EmbroideredBuddies/IMG_1937.jpg EmbroideredBuddies/IMG_1905.jpg EmbroideredBuddies/51083p.jpg EmbroideredBuddies/51083bl.jpg
EmbroideredBuddies/IMG_0773.JPG EmbroideredBuddies/IMG_0768.JPG EmbroideredBuddies/Abigail.jpg EmbroideredBuddies/IMG_0800.JPG
EmbroideredBuddies/IMG_0795.JPG EmbroideredBuddies/DuckCubbies.jpg EmbroideredBuddies/BunnySnuggleBuddy.jpg EmbroideredBuddies/FrogSnuggleBuddy.jpg
EmbroideredBuddies/IMG_0718.JPG EmbroideredBuddies/IMG_0717.JPG EmbroideredBuddies/Puppy.jpg EmbroideredBuddies/SleepyTimeBears.JPG
EmbroideredBuddies/Frog2.JPG EmbroideredBuddies/3875jay.jpg EmbroideredBuddies/3846jay.jpg EmbroideredBuddies/IMG_0523.JPG
EmbroideredBuddies/Bear.jpg EmbroideredBuddies/Austinbear.jpg EmbroideredBuddies/Bears001.jpg

*Price includes embroidery but does not include sales tax if applicable. Not all items are currently in stock.

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